Kool Ties are simple, affordable and effective. Kool Neck Ties, Headbands & Dog Cooling Collars will cool you down when the temperature goes up.

KOOL  NECK TIES. Beat the heat with neck cooling ties, safe for adults, children and pets.

Larissa-JakeBeat the Heat with Kool Neck Ties – Chill out on a SWELTERING SUMMER DAY

Great for…Sports activities, Farmers, Construction Worker, Spectator, Gardener, Fireman, Hiker, Fisherman, Camper, Factory Worker, Kitchen Staff, Musician, or a hot-flush due to MS, pregnancy or menopause. Wrap our cool ties around your forehead, neck, ankles or wrist and stay cool without air conditioning.

Beat the Heat this Summer.  If you work or play in the sun, Kool Neck Ties will give you immediate relief from the heat. Kool Neck Ties are worn around your neck or as a Headband.

Kids Kool Ties for Children: We make mini Kool Neck Ties for children. Kids Kool Ties are a favorite for cooling children during outdoor activities.

Tie one on or in Dog Collar Cooler.

Dogs and Pets Dog, Cooling Collars: Same principle as the Kool Neck Ties, Dog Cooling Collars filled with polymer water absorbing crystals. The Dog Cooling Collars should be fully soaked in water and charged before placing on the dog. Available XS, S, M, L , XL in standard colours. NOTE: Even though the Dog Cooling Collar will help your dog to find relief in hot weather, when using Dog Cooling Collars all normal due care should be taken of your dog in hot weather, a shady place to get out of the sun & plenty of water to drink.

How does it cool us down?  Worn around the neck or forehead, the Kool Neck Tie continually pulls the heat out of your bloodstream as it rushes past the veins in your neck. The coolness circulates throughout your whole body and brings your body temperature down to a comfortable level all day long. You literally get cooled from the inside out!

 Kool Neck Ties lowers the body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck.

Environmentally friendly, Kool Neck Ties are carbon free, re-usable for many years and come in many colours, patterns and styles. Kool Neck Ties provide the perfect solution to help beat the heat on a hot day. Our high quality cooling neck wraps are 100% Canadian owned and made.

How the Kool Neck Ties Work:

WhBefore-afteren the Kool Neck Tie is soaked in water, the crystal granules absorb the water, expand, and turn into a crystalline gel. The cotton fabric absorbs water from the gel, then the water evaporates for a cooling effect. Kool Neck Ties stay cool and moist for hours due to the crystal’s water-retaining properties.

Can be used over and over.  Hand-wash crystal-filled Kool ties using a few drops of liquid detergent. Rinse well and hang to dry. Don’t machine-wash or dry.

Instructions are included with each Kool Neck Tie.
Nontoxic, but keep it out of the mouths of kids and animals.


We are a Canadian company. Payment is in Canadian Dollars. What does this mean to you? If you are Canadian your dollar is accepted at par. As of July 4, 2017, One Canadian Dollar is worth $.70 US Dollar. So our USA neighbors save about 30% on their purchase due to the value of their dollar. (Google: Canadian dollar exchange rate)

PLEASE NOTE: Direct Canada Post rates now on this site.  

OVERCHARGE GUARANTEE: I refund any overcharge when the quoted amount is more than $2 on single orders or multiple tie orders. So if you order 6 Cool ties with postage at $5 per tie and the actual cost is $8 for all, I guarantee that I will refund the overcharge to you. I am selling Kool Neck Ties not profiting from shipping charges.




  1. Dee says:

    I have my Kool Neck Ties ready for Hot flushes because they strike at any time !

  2. GT says:

    Thrilled at the effectiveness of the cooling MS and menopausal hot flushes sufferers.

    Thank you for such a great product.

  3. TylerH says:

    Our soccer team wore Kool Neck Ties and we found the players liked them and played better. Thanks and we will order again.

  4. Eddy Marr says:

    A group of friends and our dogs are doing a run for our local humane society and we will be wearing these for us and our pups to keep cool during the run.

  5. Melissa says:

    Greatly helps with my MS.

    I suffer from MS and was looking for the best way to keep cool. I have been using Personal Cooling Products because they are the best. I was looking for something that gave a bit more cooling and did not have long droopy ends.

    The Theraputic Kool & Safe tie is wider and the Velcro closure means it fits my neck under a my shirt collar. Love it!

  6. George says:

    Perfect for Gardening in the Heat

    I am a very keen gardener and usually spend at least one day a weekend all day in the garden. Your Kool Neck Tie is amazing.

    Thank you for helping us keep cool so we can enjoy doing what we love outdoors.

  7. Susie m says:

    I got one and – it really works. I keep it in the fridge as suggested and soak it in cold water when the beads get smaller. It doesn’t take long for the beads to soak up the water and get big again. I’ll attest that it does keep you cool.

  8. Gordon says:

    Softball Club

    WE got Kool Neck Ties our Softball Club. They have been a huge success with the hot weather we have been experiencing, and have made playing in the heat much more bearable.

  9. Edith S says:

    Head Bandanna Cooler. I wear my Kool Neck Tie around my neck, but also as a bandanna.


  10. Brenda L says:

    We order about 500 Kool Neck Ties every year for the last 2 years for our 3 spa locations. You will find consistent quality and friendly personalized service from Shirley Jarrett. I highly recommend this business!

  11. Laura & Bob says:

    We’re heading over to Turkey and Greece and got new Kool Neck Ties to keep us cool while touring. Thans

  12. Shirley & Picard says:

    Look How Far I Can Walk Now!

    I love my Kool Dog Collar Mummy bought me for my afternoon walks. It keeps me so cool and refreshed. Before I got my Kool Collar, I could not go walking in the heat. But now I can.

    Every dog deserves one! Woof! Woof!

  13. MarieT says:

    My Chemo treatment is not so bad now…

    I am going through chemo and have been getting terrible headaches in the heat. My hubby bought me a Kool Neck Tie and I love it. As soon as I put it on, it was so cooling and relieving.

  14. ethel says:

    These neck wraps are wonderful to wear when outside during hot summer days! I do a fair amount of yard work and could benefit greatly from wearing one of these in our humid part of the country.

  15. James says:

    Having MS, Kool Neck Ties gives me welcome relief. I have 3 Ties that I rotate and store in the refrigerator when at home. When out & about a quick dip in cold water refreshes me.

  16. Kathie says:

    Cannot believe how good these neck cooling tie are

    Just used the Kool Neck Tie cooler for the first time. 40oC here in New Mexico today. Unbelievable that the neck cooling tie can produce such a fabulous cooling feeling, with no drips or bulkiness.


  17. Sony says:

    Every year, we set up at summer Country Music Festival. As usual, the heat was hot & humid so we bought Kool Neck Ties for everyone who was working with us.

    Keeping cool was nothing short of fabulous as we felt really cool. We refreshed the tie by dipping it in cold water and enjoyed the day in sweltering hot 90 degree weather.

  18. Lori says:

    My team recently ran an amazing marathon and we all wore matching Kool Neck Ties to match our team colour (Made specially for us). It was a very hot day and we ran about 15km and every so often we would wet our neck cooling ties with cool water.

    I could not believe the difference they made. Not only did we feel cool with our cool down ties, but we did not tire as fast as others.

  19. Kevin B says:

    Cool Relief While Playing Baseball. We bought the Kool Neck Ties for our boys baseball team. The ties have helped keep them cool while playing in the hot sun. Great product.

  20. carol says:

    We purchased some of these to replace the ones purchased at Disney World a few years ago. We were really glad we had them when the heat and humidity were really high. The only problem we had was that the fabric bled really bad. Our new Kool Neck Ties did not have that problem. Great service, fast delivery.

  21. Janine says:

    Our restaurant definitely gets hot in our kitchen so we wanted to make sure our staff are as cool as possible while working. We got some of your Kool & Safe Neck Coolers with Velcro (vs tie closing) for our staff. We leave some in the fridge chilling to swap out as they warm up. They are really effective and great value for money.

    Thanks for keeping us cool !

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